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What can we do for you

Your company does not have the resources to update your website? Let our team take that responsibility and do it for you!

  • Update all textual content throughout the year
  • Adding media to the website in regular intervals
  • Update Social Networks
  • Adjusting the ergonomics of the site
  • Update e-commerce store (products, prices, images ...)
  • Redesign of existing Web site
  • Technical Support

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Updating your website takes time. However, this operation remains essential: no one focuses on a little site that looks abandoned. If you want visitors to come back and explore more or refer your site to their friends, it is very important that it is attractive.

Depending on your site's specific needs, our montreal web designer will discuss with you the required monthly service of website update.
We provide management, monitoring and updating for websites. You buy a bank of hours and we take hours consumed progressively through the month.

Our Mission

The creation and design of a website is a process that involves a few simple steps to start with, but then can lead into implementing a very big project that requires a set of important skills. At W3Consultation, we offer unique and customized solutions to the needs and taste of our customers at an affordable price. Whether it's a website with a simple page in HTML or multiple pages with animations, programmed in Java, PHP or other server-side language services, forms processing with JavaScript or AJAX validation, we'll help you with your project from A to Z.

Our team has the best skills and knowledge in order to achieve the best website design solution. Before investing in this area, you will need to establish a good strategy. Our goal is to support you throughout this process which comes with it's own complexity.

Our web designers are experienced and qualified to know the impact that different web technologies may have on your web site. Our web team is equipped with experience, certifications, degrees and a work ethic.

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