Frequently Asked Questions

Questions / Answers

Can a customer contact us?
A customer can contact us Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 21:00 and 8:00 to 17h Saturday and Sunday.

Can a customer meet us?
Generally, we travel to meet our customers. In some cases, it is possible to visit us in our offices by appointment only. (see Contact) page.

For how long my domain name and hosting will be active?
We offer both the domain and the hosting for the first year. In subsequent years, you can renew them for $ 100 / year.

What does the client have to provide for web design?
Customer must provide all the necessary elements for the design of its website. This means:
-Personal pictures / videos
-Text for each pages.
Failure to provide these items, W3Consultation also offers services for taking and editing photos / videos, composition and translation of texts.

How to have a bilingual website?
To have your website bilingual, add 30% to your total package website.

What are the payment methods?
We accept payment by cash, personal checks or business. We also accept payment by bank account and credit card through Paypal.

Glossary of technical terms

Email account
A mailbox lets you send and receive emails using software such as Outlook or Gmail. It is accessible through the POP and IMAP protocols.

Online Catalog
Displays all your company's products through an online catalog. The online payment option is not available, see e-commerce.

This refers to the online store to make purchases online using credit card or bank account via online payment tools.

Web Hosting
Web hosting disk space to store your website to make it available for all users.

Domain Name
The domain name is the address of your website. (Exemple:

Static web page
A static web page is a web page whose contents are identical to each consultation.

Dynamic web page
A dynamic web page is a web page that get generated on request, as opposed to a static Web page that does not change depending upon request. The contents of a dynamic web page can vary depending on several factors (time, user, form completed by the user, etc..) that are known at the time of consultation. The design of a dynamic web page requires extra effort but can make a much more lively site.

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