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We currently have an open position for a Web Designer! You can CONTACT US to find out more or send us your CV! :)

Our montreal web design team consists of engineers and technicians passionate about their work, who are in constant contact with our customers to find the best solutions for their problems. We are an in-house studio based in Montreal with over 5 years of freelancing experience. Expert in Search Engine Optimization and graphics design, we build quality, easy-to-maintain and affordable websites. We design and develop websites and web applications and are passionate about good design, Web Standards, usability and accessibility. Passionate and energetic we know how to advise and assist our clients in every step of their project.

Georgealdly Boursiquot

george boursiquotHe holds a Bachelor in Information Technology Engineering (IT). George has always had a passion for web programming. Having several years of experience in website design and optimization of online visibility, he has put his passion and knowledge to work and thus offered a variety of solutions to various clients.

George is a chartered member seocertification.org. He has offered for several years, quality services in SEO services, online marketing strategies campaigns, Google pay per click advertising, keyword searches indexation in Google and AdWords.

A dedicated Web advisor to follow your case and assist you in the creation and development of your website. He shares with his customers listening values, ​​quality work and commitment. He was able to gather a team of experts to serve you in both small and major projects.

Reach me: george.boursiquot@w3consultation.com
LinkedIn profile: George Boursiquot

Luc Leclerc

luc leclercA specialized developer in the development of algorithms and data processing. He hold a bachelor's degree in Software Engineering (LOG).He has developped skills related to various technologies to several large companies (Normandins, Lockheed Martin, Hydro-Québec and American Iron & Metal.)

He has worked for several years to integrate interfaces (PSD) using HTML, xHTML and CSS and creating an engaging interactive universe. He contributed to the creation and implementation of campaigns interfaces (microsites, Facebook apps, customizing third party application widgets, mobile applications, responsive websites design, rich media, etc.).

He's well experienced working in both front-end (GUI) and back-end (integration, infrastructure). Having worked in the field, the issues of usability, manageability and aesthetic programs and interfaces are his biggest priority.

Reach me: luc.leclerc@w3consultation.com
LinkedIn profile: Luc Leclerc

Michel Long

mike longAfter discovering his passion for programming, he earned his degree as a programmer analyst at Herzing College in Montreal. He has contributed into developing several websites.

To him, training is very important, he is currently pursuing courses related to the field of web design and SEO online.

Reach me: mike.long@w3consultation.com
LinkedIn profile: Michel Long

Our Mission

The creation and design of a website is a process that involves a few simple steps to start with, but then can lead into implementing a very big project that requires a set of important skills. At W3Consultation, we offer unique and customized solutions to the needs and taste of our customers at an affordable price. Whether it's a website with a simple page in HTML or multiple pages with animations, programmed in Java, PHP or other server-side language services, forms processing with JavaScript or AJAX validation, we'll help you with your project from A to Z.

Our team has the best skills and knowledge in order to achieve the best website design solution. Before investing in this area, you will need to establish a good strategy. Our goal is to support you throughout this process which comes with it's own complexity.

Our web designers are experienced and qualified to know the impact that different web technologies may have on your web site. Our web team is equipped with experience, certifications, degrees and a work ethic.

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