Why Having A Business Email That Matches Your Site Name Is Important

In 2014, we like to think that we have seen it all when it comes to the sheer amount of scams on the net. One of the most common scams out there is a spoofed email claiming to be from a legitimate company, then asking for personal information. Though there are companies out there that do run on Gmail accounts and Yahoo accounts, such free account sites can only offer so much in terms of safety and legitimacy in the eyes of potential buyers. At W3Consultation, we are all too aware of companies that have seriously hurt their bottom line by avoiding getting a company email that matches their company’s URL. Here’s why.

  • Customers are not as trusting as they once were of Gmail accounts in many cases. Yes, it’s true that Gmail is more secure, less likely to get spammed, and also seen as slightly more professional than its more old school counterparts. However, people have heard stories of spoof Gmail accounts in recent times, making many of them less trusting. Simply put, you might find that it is harder to get peoples’ business with an untrustworthy email address.
  • A business email makes your company seem more upscale. Would you really take a store like Walmart seriously if they used Gmail accounts instead of emails that ended with @walmart.com? A business email is  a mark of success in many peoples’ eyes. If you are working as a graphic designer or a web designer, a simple email address switch can make the difference in your company or freelance work.
  • Business emails that end in your domain name also cut down on potential hackers, spoofers, and con artists pretending to be you. This is a major problem, and there have even been cases in which companies sabotaged one another by doing this. You don’t want to deal with customer complaints about a lack of security, or to explain to a customer that it really was not you only to have them not believe you. At W3Consultation, we’ve seen this happen, and it gets ugly.
  • Business emails are also great for search engine optimization purposes. Crawlers love sites that have official business emails attached to them, so this may also lead to higher rankings.
  • Business emails eliminate a lot of confusion. Because Gmail has so many different email addresses in its system, a simple mistype can cause a very sensitive email to go to the wrong person. Getting emails from very similar email addresses to yours can cause a lot of confusion in both the office and when dealing with customers. Business emails cut down on a lot of that confusion by making it obvious which company customers are trying to reach when they send you an email.

A good business email really is a cornerstone of good internet marketing practices, and it’s not one to be underestimated. If you’re curious about putting together a great site with a great business email, call W3Consultation today!

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