Why Every Company Needs a Google account

At W3Consultation, we are always somewhat surprised when we find out that a client of ours still has yet to establish themselves on Google. Having a Google account is a must for companies that want to be taken seriously these days, and sometimes, it’s one of the leading reasons why they are having trouble getting an online presence at the levels that they want to get. Here are some of the ways that having a Google account can help.

  • W3Consultation can tell you that having a Google Places account is a good way to make it easy for people to find your company when searching for the products and services that you offer. Most people use Google Places to find local companies that they’ll go to in the future – not the Yellow Pages. They also are very likely to leave reviews on a company’s Google Places page, which means that you are doing yourself a disservice by not working on your Google presence.
  • A Google email  «Gmail»account can help streamline your WordPress blog. We have already gone over why you need a WordPress blog for your SEO purposes, but did you know that a Google email account can make it easier for business owners to establish WordPress blogs? Google emails are considered to be highly secure, professional, and also as spam-free as possible.  Gmail lets manage all your emails account in one place with ease. And a Google account also allows you to store and archive messages easily. All of these features make it easy to keep tabs on WordPress blog postings, comments, and information.
  • You should get a Google account before an imposter does. Hackers have been known to make Google accounts named after businesses as a way to pretend that they are from the company and take advantage of peoples’ trust. We at W3Consultation highly encourage you to get a company Google account before unscrupulous people take the name and harm your company’s reputation. If your reputation gets hit too hard by these vultures, it can actually harm your website SEO endeavors.
  • A Google account allows you to bolster your website SEO work by making it shareable on Google Plus, and by having your own Google Plus page. Every company needs to improve their online standing through social media, and any Montreal web developer will tell you that. Google now has its own social media platform, which means that having a Google account will allow you to better spread the word about your company. A Google Plus share actually is counted on your site ranking by crawlers thanks to Google’s new algorithm.

Google is an internet giant for a plethora of reasons, and having a Google account allows even the most budget-conscious of business owners to improve their SEO ranking. Without a Google account, your WordPress website and your actual search engine optimization work will take a lot longer to get noticed by Google crawlers. If you don’t believe it or want to find out more, ask for a quick consultation with one of the staff members of W3Consultation, Montreal’s top web developer, WordPress site creation, and SEO expert team.

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