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Why Having A Business Email That Matches Your Site Name Is Important

In 2014, we like to think that we have seen it all when it comes to the sheer amount of scams on the net. One of the most common scams out there is a spoofed email claiming to be from a legitimate company, then asking for personal information. Though there are companies out there that do run on Gmail accounts and Yahoo accounts, such free account sites can only offer so much in terms of safety and legitimacy in the eyes of potential buyers. At W3Consultation, we are all too aware of companies that have seriously hurt their bottom line by avoiding getting a company email that matches their company’s URL

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Why Every Company Needs a Google account

At W3Consultation, we are always somewhat surprised when we find out that a client of ours still has yet to establish themselves on Google. Having a Google account is a must for companies that want to be taken seriously these days, and sometimes, it’s one of the leading reasons why they are having trouble getting an online presence at the levels that they want to get. Here are some of the ways that having a Google account can help.

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Why You Should Have An Optimized Website

At W3Consultation, we often hear clients asking us why it’s so important that they have a website that has been optimized, and what that means. An optimized website is one that has been indexed heavily by search engines, has a full site map that makes navigation easy for customers, and makes it easier for you and your marketing department to track how successful your internet marketing campaign happens to be.

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